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Best At Home Men's Grooming Tools

Updated: May 17, 2023

Keeping tidy between visits to the barber is essential! Here are some of the best tools and products you can purchase to make sure you're always looking sharp.

Best Trimmer - Keep edges looking neat at all times.

Andis Slimline - click to purchase

A professional quality tool with an affordable price tag. This thing will last you much longer than your drugstore bought trimmer.

Best Shaver - Baby smooth finish, closer than any razor will get.

Braun Series 9 - click to purchase

The priciest thing on this list but probably my favorite tool by FAR. This thing will last you years (I've been using mine for almost 5 years now, about 8 times a day). Forget the days of shavers pulling and tugging on your hair. The series 9 glides like butter and a few days without shaving is no match for this workhorse. Splurge and spend the money once and you'll be thanking me later.

Best Clipper - For keeping beards at your desired length

Wahl Magic Clippers - click to purchase

A powerful, and professional, yet affordable pair of clippers. The Wahl Magic Clip cordless clippers are the perfect tool to keep your beard and sideburns tamed to your liking. Includes all the various guard lengths, a comb and of course a charging plug. Another tool that will last you years to come!

Bonus - Clipper disinfecting spray

Andis Cool Care - click to purchase

Necessary for all tools. This keeps the blades oiled, cleaned and prevents rust. After every use of your tools, make sure all hair and debris are cleaned off before spraying cool care. Make sure the tool is on and you use just a small spray.

This selection of tools will most definitely keep you looking fresh between cuts! If you have any questions on how to use anything here or any other tool recommendations, feel free to send me a message on Instagram @lexped :)

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